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55 Dirty Questions To Get You Both In The Mood

55 Dirty Questions To Get You Both In The Mood

We are Not keeping it PG over here! Check out this list of 55 Dirty Questions to set if off in the bedroom or pretty much wherever you are if you’re about that life.


  1. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex? Do you want to?
  2. Does dirty talk turn you on?
  3. Have you ever been caught masturbating?
  4. Have you ever watched another couple get it on? Did they know you were watching?
  5. What’s your favorite position?
  6. How would you react if a couple asked you t be their third?
  7. Do you prefer makeup? Or none at all? (we’re talking IG model makeup)
  8. When is the last time you had a wet dream?
  9. Is there anything you WON’T do in bed?
  10. What’s the last dirty text you’ve sent?
  11. Preference: Amateur or professional porn?
  12. What was your last dirty dream? Was I in it?
  13. Lights on or lights off?
  14. Can I watch you masturbate?
  15. Ever tried anal sex? Would you? What did you think?
  16. What’s the sexiest thing about me?
  17. Have you ever had sex in public? Would you?
  18. What is your nastiest, we’re talking R-rated fantasy?
  19. If you had to pick what type of sex would you have for the rest of your like (you can only choose one) oral, anal, or regular?
  20. Spit or swallow?
  21. What’s an instant turn on for you?
  22. Have you ever had sex in water? Want to?
  23. What’s the longest sex session you ever had?
  24. Interested in BDSM?
  25. Have you ever thought about adding a third or more to our sex life?
  26. Have you ever seen me talking to someone else and get jealous?
  27. What’s your favorite blowjob technique?
  28. If you could have sex with anyone who would it be?
  29. Have you ever used food during 4play? Whipped cream and cherries on top anyone?
  30. Would you ever want to make a sex tape?
  31. Have you ever paid for sex? Would you?
  32. What is the quickest time that you think you can undress me?
  33. Do you want to spank me?
  34. Can I blindfold you?
  35. Can I tie you up?
  36. What is your favorite sexual memory of us?
  37. Have you ever had sex in front of a mirror? Want to?
  38. Favorite pre-game for sex. Drink or get high?
  39. How many positions do you think you’ve tried so far?
  40. What do you think an orgy would be like?
  41. What’s your favorite thing about a quickie?
  42. Have you ever had sex with someone whose name you never knew?
  43. What was the best sex that you ever had?
  44. What is the craziest porn that you have ever seen?
  45. Do you like using toys in bed?
  46. Do you enjoy rough sex?
  47. Have you ever cried during sex?
  48. Is there a position that you really don’t like?
  49. Who gave you your first orgasm?
  50. Do you prefer if I shave, trim, or let it grow down there?
  51. Favorite thing on a woman? Boobs or butt?
  52. Would you let me pleasure you while you were driving?
  53. Do you like sexting?
  54. If you could touch me right now, where would it be?
  55. Do you want to have sex right now?

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