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Understanding The Way To A Man’s Heart

Understanding The Way To A Man’s Heart

So what makes him tick? What is it that makes him behave the way he does and what can you possibly do to make him respond otherwise?

When it comes to understanding your male partner, it sure is one of those hardest moments you rarely wish for. A keen analysis, however, shows that you often believe in your assumptions than in the reality! Recently I read a quote which stated that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. “Partly,” I murmured. Sincerely speaking, I have once fallen in love with a lady who had invited me to a dinner in her room back then when I was on campus. Talking of expertise in the kitchen is an underestimation. I still remember how I felt after such delicacies up-to-date. Yes, I do because I still eat the same stuff every other meal time. She ended up being my wife, sadly. [For my competitors who lost for me to win.]

Men naturally behave differently when they really mean to just have fun with you, and when they are thinking of moving in. As a lady, you should clearly define the purpose and your priorities right before you commit to any relationship.


Stop searching and dawn to the bitter but better realities of life.

Perfect men do not exist, but right men do. But to find the right guy, you must be the right lady. The simple rule is that amazing people only hang out with amazing people. I definitely don’t want to spend the entire part of my marriage life listening to your complaints, insecurities, and inadequacies. Be positive if you can, show positivity if you can’t. Negative ladies normally turn men off almost immediately. Well, you don’t have to be angelic, but be better. Better than my life problems, better than my worries, better than my inadequacies and perhaps better than my reasons to overlook you!
Seminars or rather conferences will not help you win a man’s heart, but the little things you do which you normally assume are the ones which shake and trembles him. Show some concern, the standard level of concern though. Both extremes are never really welcomed. Encourage him to pursue his goals while on the verge of desperation. Assure him that everything is going to be alright or perhaps another door is going to open. Then move out of that mood as if you’ve said nothing. Shift to something more interesting like suggesting that you do things which he enjoys. It could be as simple as playing a video game together or narrating him a story of your childhood life. Provided it is creatively crafted, no childhood story can ever be boring.

Prove to be wife material; a wife with substance.

It is still his house, alright, but doing the dishes is not an over-stretch, instead of stretching your two sling legs over the table while manipulating the remote whereas the room is in a messy and a chaotic state! While in the kitchen, don’t keep him bored. Continue with the conversation and advance the discussions on his dreams. Women are naturally wired with the innate ability to speak life into men. Use that to corner him!

Appreciate and compliment him even for the tiniest of efforts.

Phrases like “Thanks for coming offer and checking out how my sister is doing. You are really awesome Dave,” make him feel that his time was well spent. Learn to be open with him too. If you think he is romantic, awesome, funny or passionate, let him know. No man would want to live with a robot in the house, so stop the struggle to be perfect and be real. Let him know that sometimes you tend to snap at people when stressed up or weak to let out a secret when cornered. It’s easier embracing a human being for a relationship, than a machine which portrays no feelings or emotions.
Finally, don’t be desperate for love. Don’t ever.

You can never separate a man from his ego; he will give out his life to have it back. Let him lead; let him feel the essence of being the head, the pioneer or a champion. To some extent, he has to fight o have you. Send some signs to him that you are interested but never beg a man to love you; he will surely beg to hate you! The truth is that that could be the trick he could be waiting for, or if it’s taking time perhaps he is working something behind the scene. Give him time and never sound pushy. Unless he is blind, he won’t dare lose you to another man.

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