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Can I Do That? Marriage Taboos

Can I Do That? Marriage Taboos

Many people have this pretty, fluffy, overly dramatized version of marriage. Women are supposed to act one way and men another. You’re supposed to be boring and spend every weekend pretending going to Costco is fun right? NO.

Marriage IS the ultimate relationship but it doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice being fun, spontaneous, and human beings. Are you being held down by old-school marriage taboos? Are you confused about what’s “acceptable” and what isn’t in marriage?




[/su_frame] [su_spacer] Ok, let’s get personal, really personal.

When you’re dating someone, it’s easy to have space for yourself and to just be you. You go on a date, have a great time, and then back to your sanctuary. Space. When you’re married, it’s not so easy to have your space. It doesn’t mean that you can’t be you, but it can be uncomfortable, especially for newlyweds. Why? Let’s start with the bathroom situation.

Yea, it’ s about to get real.

It’s hella awkward going to the bathroom at your man’s place, and I mean really going to the bathroom. It’s normal for women to have oh about 300 hundred plans in case mother nature calls. Everything from “I don’t feel so well” to “My roommate got locked out”. We’ve all been there. But when you’re dating, it’s a lot easier to escape. It can still be uncomfortable when you’re married, especially early on.

YOU NEED TO GET OVER IT. I know, easier said than done, but it’s important. This is what marriage is about, not being embarrassed about totally natural things. Yes, women are sexy, formidable, graceful, and amazing but we’re also human beings who sweat, burp, fart, and poop just like everyone else.


As freaky as you want girl! Rock his world and make his toes curl. Who says that being married means boring sex? If anything, marriage gives you all the sexual liberties in the world. If you’re into role-playing, bring that into your monthly or weekly rotation. If you’re into hooking up at fancy restaurants, go ahead. If you want to hook up in the car after dropping the kids off, go and get down!

Let me be really clear. You can be married and be a total freak with your husband. Having an awesome sex life is part of a healthy marriage. It’s not only a physical act but it also plays a huge part emotionally and spiritually. It brings you guys closer together and keeps things fresh.

Marriage can be whatever you want it to be. You don’t have to adhere to taboos. Marriage is about celebrating ALL of YOU with your spouse.

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