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Sex naturally has to be a big deal in every relationship and no matter how futile this might seem but trust me it is very important. Sex can break up a relationship in as much as it might make them stronger. No matter how many times this question is asked there is ideally no “right” answer as this solely depends on both the partner in question and the situation at hand. The fact about this matter is, if you are asking this same question then that means you are looking for a long-term relationship.

As said earlier, there is no sure time to wait before having sex with a guy as couples have had sex hours after they met and are spending happily ever after and some wait about a month and still share the same feeling. Generally, I think when people meet the person they are sure is the one, it is a gut feeling, like a 6th sense that tells you he or she is definitely the one you want to spend your life with.

If you have not had much luck and are not sure of who is the one, here are a couple of things you can do to make sure you are with the right person before committing to a long-term relationship.



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Kiss and make out:

You do not necessarily have to sleep with someone to decide your compatibility. Kissing is a good way to figure out how compatible and good you are together. If you do not enjoy kissing, you sure would not enjoy having sex with that person.

Hang out with their friends:

Friends more often than not tell you all about anyone, they do not have to be same in reasoning and character, but just the subtle messages and how they operate as a group can tell you if that person is a good match for you. You do not necessarily have to like their friends, but try to identify their goals as a group and as individuals.

Find out if he wants a relationship:

Many men do not necessarily go out to find a relationship, mostly the circumstances and the person they meet to make them eventually want one. You do not have to ask directly as that can mount unwanted pressure and lead to unnecessary arguments. You can just observe how he treats you if he is in constant contact if he wants you for special events which matter to him, then yes that is a relationship right there.

Check for compatibility:

After the first few months of excitement and a good time now comes the reality of who you are really worth. If you do not want to be with someone who is rude, loud, not nurturing, smooth talker, does not take a big interest in your life and so on. You can easily notice this in the first few weeks of meeting someone. You do not need to rush into bed with someone who you do not want to commit with for a long term. Even if you do not have the same hobbies and same likes, at least, are both of you ready to try to understand each other? If there is no level of understanding then you are on the wrong path.

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