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Handling Social Media And Your Relationship

Handling Social Media And Your Relationship

It goes down, it goes down, it goes down, it goes down in the DM *turns up*

Social media is amazing for connecting with friends from around the world, sharing memories, and everyday experiences with friends, family, and even strangers (adjust those privacy setting right now). However, we can see how it can relationships and be a tool for exposing rather than sharing freely. Case and point here.

How do you handle someone sliding in your DMs, messaging you 24/7, or blowing up your Snapchat while being married?

Obviously, the short answer is to simply not give that person any time of day. Blocking, ignoring, deleting attempts are some of your options. If it persists, you should make it clear and give them a firm “NO”. Does this mean poppin’ off and greeting them with a barrage of f-bombs? No. It’s just making it very clear that you’re happily married and not interested in them romantically. It gets complicated when the person messaging you is a friend, an acquaintance, a co-worker, or a boss. It’s unfortunate that sometimes people flirting with you can affect your livelihood and ruin your reputation based on your response to their advances but luckily, there are increasingly better measures for situations like workplace harassment.

What if your spouse is constantly liking sexy pics on Instagram? What if they’re messaging other men/women? How do you deal with discovering Worldstar-worthy messages or pictures of other men/women on your spouse’s phone?

Address it directly. Bring it to light ASAP and get to the bottom of the situation. Obviously, certain things just don’t need to be explained but let them know that you know what they’re up to and that’s it’s not cool. In all honesty, if your spouse is flirting with other women/men on social media, it’s a symptom of something bigger going on in your relationship. Talking about it and then figuring out where you go from there together is a good place to start.

Catching up with old friends and liking pictures of beautiful men/women on Instagram aren’t necessarily bad things in of themselves. You know you’re married and if you truly love your spouse, you’ll keep it to a respectful level. Same goes for your spouse. The best way to avoid these things is to be completely transparent with your spouse. Communication should be crystal clear and there should be no unpleasant surprises.

What do you think? How do you and your spouse handle social media?


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