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This Mama Was Surprised With A Huge Amazon Bill For Mother’s Day

This Mama Was Surprised With A Huge Amazon Bill For Mother’s Day

It’s that time of year where moms are used to getting special deliveries to their homes. Flowers, candy, their favorite perfume and an edible arrangement but not Mhykeisha George better known online as Mhykee G.

This mommy blogger and the nurse practitioner was surprised with Amazon boxes, and there were a ton of them! 

Turns out when her husband allowed the kids to play a few games on his phone her little BIG spenders went crazy buying stuff online totaling thousands of dollars! They ran up the tab splurging on an iPhone, electric scooters, helmets, mermaid tails for the swimming pool (that they don’t even have) and so much more. They even brought a little workout gear for their mom.

Detailing the event on her Instagram, Mhykee says there have been lots of questions on whether they punished the kids or if they allowed them to keep any of the merchandise.

Did we punish them? NO, we had a long talk with them about things not being free. Yea they thought it was free! Plus, they got me a rug and the pre-workout we take to exercise. At least they thought of us and not only themselves, huh? Lol!

Addressing the purchases, she said,” #1 question we were asked, “Are y’all keeping all the stuff”? ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY not! Everything, INCLUDING THEM, is being sent back! Lol. We are actually letting both of them keep one thing. We’re not that mean y’all! They just had the time of their lives! 

In the end, the kids and learned the joys of Amazon Prime and mom and dad learned to put on their Amazon pin.

What would you do if your children asked to play games on your phone and then bought thousands of dollars in Amazon purchases?

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