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This Couple Decided To Put Sex “On Hold” Until Marriage

This Couple Decided To Put Sex “On Hold” Until Marriage

Jaquan Ware and Asia Clemmons, are twenty-two-year-old couple in Atlanta, Georgia. 


Last year, Summer 2018 the couple begin to rekindle their relationship with God. After dialogue on “waiting”, they finally decided to give up their sexual desires and starve their flesh. July 1, 2018, the couple put sex on hold until marriage. A month later, August 5, 2018, the couple was baptized and started to embark on their new chapter in life.

After a year and four months of remaining committed to the journey, the couple decided to publicly share and create an atmosphere where millennials could relate, be vulnerable, gain understanding, and share God’s faithfulness to use his people. This transparent platform sparks conversations from all over the world. The couple mentions their most frequently asked questions:

Asia | “I’m often asked how to handle wanting to give yourself over to God and your boyfriend not being okay with the act of celibacy. I always try to encourage women to stand firm in their beliefs, and not allow ANYONE to persuade or knock them off course. Celibacy isn’t tricky, its a commitment.. to yourself, and to God. How bad do you want to be committed?”

Jaquan | “There is nothing weak about being a man of God, nor corny. Imagine God showing you your assignment at an early stage in life. Imagine knowing exactly why you were put here on earth. Imagine grinding for something that has nothing to do with you personally but demands you to step out of yourself to get the job done. I’ve said it before, this decision is the BEST decision I have ever made in my life. I want to encourage the people to step out of their own way, and really experience a life that is best for them, with God.

The couple constantly reminds us that this decision is “ALL GOD”. Jaquan says “If it was up to me, I would have never made the choice to give up sex, this walk is proof that God is real.” The couple is intentional with sharing their journey and remaining authentic. Asia says “I’m not interested in altering my story to fit the customs of the world, Celibacy isn’t hard… that’s my truth. Worldly, sex plays this major role but not in my life, not at this moment. I take pride in this journey and it teaches you so much more than just abstaining from sex”.

“God gets all the credit, I don’t want any” -Jaquan.

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