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From We’re Engaged To We’re Married In Less Than A Week

From We’re Engaged To We’re Married In Less Than A Week

Wow, that was fast! Well, at least that is what some people would say but not Dallas blogger Jalisa Vaughn and her now-husband professional basketball player Cory Jefferson.

The couple went viral on the Gram’ after getting engaged and getting hitched just FIVE days later.

While it is a shock to some Jalisa and Cory knew that seen after they got engaged, they would wed soon after.

In an Instagram post, Jalisa captioned the photo of her parents and her new husband,

“For those wondering, Cory and I from the beginning of our relationship agreed that we wanted to have an intimate and inexpensive wedding, due to us wanting to focus on the future & foundation of our marriage as opposed to focusing on one day. Initially, we said we just wanted to go to the courthouse right after getting engaged, but in efforts of having our parents and closest friends/family involved, we decided to do it in the backyard. We would always joke about only being engaged for a couple hours and heading straight to the courthouse to get married, and that’s pretty much exactly what we did, but we gave it (5) days.”

She continued by saying that her wedding day was exactly what she wanted and was the most incredible day with the help of family and friends.

Giving major props to her mom who helped her with the fast turn around, the newlywed event found her wedding dress in 20 minutes after a mishap with fashion brand ASOS and the fitting.

“With my husband (🙃) and I knowing & planning that whenever we got engaged, we’d want to get married right away, I ordered a dress on ASOS the day after he proposed. Because, if you shop online at all, you know they don’t play about their 2-day shipping. Long story short, it came Monday evening and did not fit. 

My manager then reached out to Grace Loves Lace right away, hoping we could pull something off. They were clearly sent by God. They opened the store on a “closed” day & had someone come in on their off day, all to move mountains and get me in this amazing dress/veil — THE MORNING OF THE WEDDING YALL. Yes, in 20 minutes, I found, tried on this dress and out the door, I went.”

In true millennial fashion, by the end of the day, Jalisa & Cory were cozied up in their pajamas eating their wedding cake (a sheet cake from Kroger) in their home. Nothing gets better than that! 

Sending them lots of love and light on their new chapter together!

Check out their pics in our Insta Gallery.

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