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T.I and Tiny Say Music Is Affecting Love and Relationships

T.I and Tiny Say Music Is Affecting Love and Relationships

During a recent episode of T. I’s podcast ExpediTIously, T.I and wife Tiny tackled the topic of love and relationships.

Although the couple has had more than their fair share of viral headlines about their family and relationship, the couple tackled how today’s music affects relationships.

T.I. posed the question, “Do you think that today’s music and pop culture, in general, has anything to do with how people think about relationships and marriage?”

Tiny: I think yeah it can be a distraction because you know there’s a lot of h*es and b****** …like there’s no real love in the songs.”

T.I: “Y’all don’t wanna hear that s***, listen, man, I’ve seen more girls sing the most derogatory raps.”

Now both of them have a point. So much of our music talks about the “idea” of what it is like to be a single man in these streets. Having sex with any and everybody, not calling back, playing with these girls hearts, and the number of drugs and violence it takes to personify this image. 

And it’s what T.I solely focused on how women are responding to this type of music. 

“The way that y’all [women] gravitate to– and I would also add that you say you want a certain type of man, but you continuously allow yourself to be attracted to the antithesis.”

Women know about the bad boy, stereotype. They are fun, break the rules, have limited boundaries, and will go absolutely crazy over us. 

It’s an age-old debate that will continue because people have different preferences and always will. 

Tiny seems to be adamant about warning her girls about the bad boys, in hopes that they will change their ways (we can only think it’s because of T.I’s behavior as a husband)

Music is a part of the culture and influences tons of decisions because we listen to certain music when still impressionable minds at times are not able to differentiate what is entertainment ad real life which can cause a major effect on relationships. 

How we respond to emotions absences, abuse, pregnancy and family can all be felt through music. Having , more positive outlets could be helpful, but the idea that 13-23-year-old kids care about it is another issue to worry about.

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