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Kenny Burns- You Can Be Married And Be Happy And Be Fly As A MF

Kenny Burns- You Can Be Married And Be Happy And Be Fly As A MF

Kenny Burns stopped by the #Earnyourleisure Podcast with Rashad Bilal & Troy Millings and boy did he drop some gems.

If you’re not familiar with Kenny he is the definition of a renaissance man. He invented the term “lifestyle specialist”, was once part of Rocafella records back when Kanye, Jay-Z, and Dipset were running the rap game and he has been responsible for the marketing and release of some of the culture’s favorite spirt brands such as Grey Goose & Ciroc. Kenny has also worked closely with Diddy to bring Revolt TV to the masses.

What makes Kenny so special?

Besides his sense of fashion and marketing ability, he has been married for 20 years sharing two children with his beautiful wife Jessica. In the entertainment industry where relationships don’t last long, that is an amazing accomplishment by itself. 

You can be married and be happy and fly as a MF- Kenny Burns

How did he do it?

He mentioned that the industry he’s in is unforgiving for relationships, and he made the decision early on that he would be a husband/father first then everything else second. He let us know that you can be married and be happy and you can also have you’re bag secured.

Most men are afraid of marriage, not because they are afraid of commitment but because they are afraid of losing that “IT” factor. That “it” means different things to different men. But what I can tell you he can’t live without it. Men are afraid that they won’t have that same swag about themselves after they say “I Do”, afraid that his homies will clown him when they see him gaining weight and pushing a stroller around town. But you can be fly as a MF and be married according to Mr Burns.

Actually being married will just make you that much cooler #inreallife. You have a partner to bounce ideas off of, someone to talk to, someone to invest with, someone to encourage you, someone to hit the gym with. Check the video out below and let us know how you feel.

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