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Kelly Rowland Enjoys ‘Role-Play’ with Husband-Says Divorce Is Not An Option In Her Marriage

Kelly Rowland Enjoys ‘Role-Play’ with Husband-Says Divorce Is Not An Option In Her Marriage

In this weeks issue of People magazine, Kelly Rowland opened up about her music and how she keeps things popping in the bedroom.

Rowland 39, married Tim Weatherspoon, 38 in 2014 and are parents to their 5-year-old son Titan.

The Coffee singer exclusively told people “As far as sex is concerned, I’m like, ‘Well, if I have to play dress up and do role-play, honey, if I need to be Alicia tonight and give you a surprise in the middle of the night or something then it needs to happen. We spice things up a bit and keep it fun.”

“When we met each other, we had fun. Two years from now, we’ll have fun. I think if you hold that close to you, it can always show itself in your relationship.”

Kelly has been turning up the heat on IG as well with the release of her visuals for her new song Coffee and with her IG Live appearances with guests like her BFF Lala Anthony where they talked sex toys and KeKe Palmer as they discussed what it was like to have sex for the first time. 

No stranger to women empowerment the conversations center around women being comfortable with their sexual desires and appreciating their uniqueness.

With the coronavirus pandemic keeping us all in our homes, Kelly has been spending her time homeschooling their rambunctious son and making sure her marriage is a priority.

The Destiny’s Child alum tells People, “If I wasn’t taking the time to get to know myself better in this crisis, we would be struggling. We go to therapy every week, and we’re so proud of it.” It’s just to keep the relationship and the space of communication open, [so we’re] ready for each other. I have a husband who supports me and is there for me and loves me, and I’m the same for him. I met my best friend. There’s nothing that we can’t talk about. When I meet an older couple, I always ask them, ‘What’s the one thing that can break up a marriage?’ and they’re like, ‘Money and communication.’ With every challenge, there is a solution, and I think he and I have grown to talk about everything.” 

Kelly, who didn’t grow up with her father and whose mom was a heavy drinker says she knew some of her trauma and old wounds she brought into her relationships came from her childhood.

Knowing that it was more in-depth than the “daddy issues” label that people love to slap on just about anyone Kelly has now learned that her issues dealt a lot with abandonment and she was subconsciously basing a lot of her relationships off it.

Dedicated to making their marriage a successful one, Rowland says she is happy and willing to do just about anything to maintain her loving marriage. 

The singer revealed that before getting married, she thought that if something doesn’t work out, she could easily just get divorced, but now that isn’t on the table anymore.

“That’s not an option for me because I know I have a good man. I know I have someone that loves me unconditionally and we’re gonna sort this thing out, we’re gonna figure it out. Above anything, we’ve got faith, and we’ve got each other. Marriage means a lot to me. It’s something that I hold very sacred.”

We’re here for this healthy approach t learning and loving about yourself and your spouse.

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