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5 Reasons Why Sex Is Better On Weed

5 Reasons Why Sex Is Better On Weed

Have you really done anything that wasn’t better than when you were high?

Well, it just got even better because SEX is also one of those things that can be taken to another level with the help of a little Mary Jane.

It’s no secret that the push for marijuana in the past few years has a lot to do with money but also because of it’s medicinal uses and because its fun as hell. Research also suggests that cannabis may help put you in the mood when used in low to moderate doses. Think of it as nature’s X pills and an aphrodisiac that can make sex better in many ways.

Here are our Top 5 Reasons Sex is Better on Weed:


# 1 Increases Sensitivity

No, you aren’t just super spaced out, you are just more in tune. Our heightened senses when we smoke the pretty leaf allow us to feel every bite, nibble, kiss, lick, and suck that occurs when our lover takes it to the next level.

Sex is always better when we are passionate and when our partner is giving us their undivided attention. It’s even better when all five senses are going crazy. Just gives both people a better sexual experience which can lead to a healthier sex life.


#2 Get It Wet

More than just a Twista song it literally happens on WEED. I know you’re like I heard it’s like the Savannah desert because of the dry mouth we all experience after an incredible session but that’s not necessarily true.

When women become aroused, blood vessels in the vagina relax and cause swelling. This magic swelling then causes a type of sweating; water and protein to leak out between capillaries in the mucous membrane and cause wetness when you’re aroused. So, enjoy.


#3 It’s An Aphrodisiac

So you mean all those times guys ask you if you drink or smoke is more than just having no game? We knew that they needed an added advantage but it most definitely gets you in the mood.

In fact, Psychiatrist, Dr. Lester Grinspoon, told High Times that weed “greatly enhances the sexual experience for many people. There’s no doubt that when people are high, they’re more sensitive to their sexual feelings and urges.”

Now you should still avoid any creepy vibes but if you’re down to get it on instead of opting for oysters light up a joint.


#4 Sex Lasts Longer

Time slows down when you smoke. So if you’re tired of those quickies having a smoking session before sex could make it seem like minutes or even hours longer (kudos to you)! The minutes may not sound like much but can make a world of a difference to some couples.

I mean who doesn’t want to last longer in bed? You become the superman of sexual partners when you brought weed into the picture.


#5 Orgasms Off The Chain

So what’s better than an orgasm? A mind-blowing life altering orgasm! We already told you time slows down when you smoke so how about when an orgasm seemingly lasts 30 seconds…yes, 30 seconds of ecstasy after some pretty amazing sex.

With the right strain of weed you can have long-lasting and stress-relieving but a sexually energizing night of fun.

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