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‘Sesame Street’ Debuts Character Whose Mom Has An Addiction

‘Sesame Street’ Debuts Character Whose Mom Has An Addiction

Time has definitely changed, and the popular show “Sesame Street” is letting their audience know they’ve never been afraid to tackle the tough topics.

A fuzzy green Muppet with yellow hair was in foster care because her mother suffered from an opioid addiction.

Karli will explain on “Sesame Street in Communities” that her mom “was away for a while because she had a grown-up problem.”

“Having a parent battling addiction can be one of the most isolating and stressful situations young children and their families face,” Sherrie Westin, president of social impact and philanthropy at Sesame Workshop, said Wednesday in a statement. “ ‘Sesame Street’ has always been a source of comfort to children during the toughest of times, and our new resources are designed to break down the stigma of parental addiction and help families build hope for the future.”

Since it first aired in 1969, “Sesame Street” has introduced characters with a variety of life-altering circumstances to teach its younger viewers empathy for others.

Many people are in support of the character, while others are critical of asking why wasn’t this an issue when the crack epidemic was huge in the early 90’s?

One in 8 children under age 11 in the United States lives with a parent who has a substance-abuse disorder, Sesame Workshop said. The number not including kids who don’t live with an addicted parent because of separation or divorce, death or incarceration.

Would you allow your child to watch programming that in a sense teaches them what drug abuse is?

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