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LeToya Luckett And Tommicus Walker Let Emotions Come To A Head In Latest Friends and Family Hustle Episode (Video)

LeToya Luckett And Tommicus Walker Let Emotions Come To A Head In Latest Friends and Family Hustle Episode (Video)

Fans have known before the new season of “T.I. And Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle,” that there were some unresolved issues between LeToya Luckett and husband, Tommicus Walker.

Since the loss of his mother, Luckett was unsure if it was the right time to bring another baby into the mix.

In the latest episode, many viewers understand what LeToya meant as the couple was shown in their couples counseling session, where the couple spoke about issues plaguing their marriage.

Like many women, LeToya felt that the tone of Tommicus’s words has an impact on how their intimacy.

“I do feel that because of our busy schedules and the fact that Gianna is still in the bed with us, it’s made it more difficult for us to have one on one time. I do feel that when you aren’t kind, and when you are aggressive in your words, it shuts me down. All of me down.”

Tommi shut the allegations down by saying they both play a role in being aggressive and unkind at times. When told to focus solely on his actions, Tommi revealed in the confessional he felt they were getting too personal and that his wife was “throwing stones that shouldn’t be thrown.”

Needless to say, the session ended early with Tommi shutting down and asking LeToya if she took him for granted as they drove away.

Then Tommi dropped a bomb on LeToya, revealing they are headed to the airport as he will be flying out to Dallas to see his daughter Madison.

Shocked! LeToya was hurt and confused, asking when he was going to let her know he had a trip planned.

“You make me aware of stuff, day of, all the time…My plan is to go and spend time with my other daughter. I don’t know if you care about doing that or not.”

Hurt, LeToya responded, “You make my relationship with Madison conditional, and that’s not true.”

The couple continued to go back and forth with Tommi, believing that LeToya exaggerates some of her feelings, and LeToya telling Tommi he is just very insensitive to the feelings she has, including him making Madison a priority over everything including their marriage.

LeToya: “Your priority always has been Madison.”

Tommi: It sure was.

LeToya: And I’m not. Which is probably why I have feelings that I do because I’ve been fighting for my husband, fighting for a place in your life, fighting for our relationship, fighting for our marriage.

Tommi: “Stop it.”

Tommi: “You ain’t been fighting a damn thing. Whether that’s running your mouth to make sh*t sound good.”

As they arrive at the airport, LeToya lets him know he should stay so they can continue working out their differences, but Tommi was not here for it and told his wife he would “holla at her.”

After he grabs his bags and heads into the airport, LeToya tells him to have a safe flight and tells Tommi she loves him but gets crickets in return.

While many people are taking all of Tommi’s actions as emotional abuse or saying he wasn’t prepared for marriage, it’s safe to say the couple has steadily been working on their marriage since the filming of the episode.

Do you think Tommi is running away from the issue, or is communication lacking from BOTH ends?

Watch The Clip Below:

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