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Waka Flocka Believes Cheating On His Wife Made Her ‘Better’

Waka Flocka Believes Cheating On His Wife Made Her ‘Better’

Many couples who have survived infidelity come out on the other side saying it made them stronger.

There’s a great debate that many couples who survive infidelity often come out on the other side more durable and wiser. And Waka Flocka believes that is the case between what happened between him and his wife, Tammy Rivera.

During a recent episode of their show Waka & Tammy: What the Flocka, cameras followed the couple into a therapy session with Dr Siri (as a surprise to Tammy), where Waka says that he didn’t believe his past indiscretions didn’t only hurt their marriage.

“I actually made her meaner. [Tammy] had no idea what she was up against. It could have made her or broke her…it made her even better than what I thought, he said. I helped her.”

Tammy definitely did not see it that way and shot down the notion.

“No you didn’t. That’s the thing; he thinks he helped me by doing some of the evil and mean things he did to make me meaner, that didn’t help me,” she said. “What that did was add insecurities to me and made me not trust your judgment in certain sh-t and made me not trust you in certain ways. It didn’t help me. You didn’t have to do that. Life would have done that.”

Despite Tammy’s explanation, Waka said during his confessional that he believes everything has a meaning and a bigger purpose.

“It’s f–ked up to say, ‘hey, cheating made you better,’ but it actually made Tami like a beast,” he said. “Basically, the whole world was looking at her. I don’t think nothing is more embarrassing than that.”

“Cheating didn’t make me stronger,” she said in response. “Beating his a– made me stronger.”

However, Tammy did admit that they had challenges early on in the relationship that did require her to develop thick skin in order to deal with a rapper—feeling as if she was in a “spiritual battle” by herself.

“When I first met Waka, he was in the prime of his career. So there [were] women, there was drugs, there was alcohol, there was fame, which is a drug within itself. Those were all demons I was fighting,” Tammy says. “So when I moved to Georgia and I decided to be with this man, I did not know I had to suit up for war, because that’s what I felt like I was doing.”

The couple has faced much criticism after Waka’s infidelity was revealed to the world. In an interview with Big Boy on Big Boy’s neighborhood the Flocka said the public was very involved in their relationship and when Waka was caught out here cheating and acting up how people would come up to him and tell him about himself.

Tammy mentions in a previous interview with Hollywood Unlocked in 2018 that she too stepped out in the relationship.

“I’ve cheated on him in the past [as well.] People only see one side to a story.”

After renewing their vows last year, the couple is continuously working on their marriage and for now, will continue sharing their love with the world.

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