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Michelle Williams (Destiny’s Child) Engaged To Chad Johnson

Michelle Williams (Destiny’s Child) Engaged To Chad Johnson

Ain’t no poor Michelle, jokes going on here! Michelle Williams has been having the best week ever.

From her Destiny’s Child reunion at “Beychella”, formerly Coachella, the singer revealed that she is engaged to Pastor Chad Johnson whom she has been dating for a little over a year.

Johnson 40, a Pastor and Professional Sports Chaplain met Michelle when she attended one of his spiritual retreats in Arizona in March 2017. Making their relationship Instagram official only a few months later.

Sharing their excitement with the rest of the world the couple also shared some of the private moments when they were actually engaged back in March.

Johnson popped the question at Pebble Beach. Williams 37, says ” I was crying so loud that people were turning around, going back to their rooms and stuff, they weren’t coming to the restaurant because they were like, ‘Did she just find out something he did bad? What happened?’” she added.

Chad even traveled to Michelle’s hometown in Rockford, Il to ask for the blessings of the entire family and videotaped it ya’ll. She definitely prayed for that one!

Michelle gushed about the relationship back in December of 2017 in an interview with Refinery29 where she discussed how being a celebrity hasn’t gotten in the way of their relationship. “I never thought about that with him because I remember noticing that I’m totally able to be myself. I can be goofy and I don’t have to have on makeup — although I kind of have to keep it cute — but I can be myself. I think that’s the main thing for those of us who are always ‘on.’ Can you come home and just be yourself? Do you have to be on 100 or can you just curl up and watch This Is Us or Judge Judy? Can you just go out to dinner without feeling like you have to be on, and they respect that?”

She also revealed that being in the same tax bracket isn’t that important. “Same tax bracket is great. But it’s so much more than that. Do they bring stability to your life? Do they bring security to your life? How are they pushing you [to be] a better person? Are they helping you deepen your faith or are they distracting you from it? Anything that’s distracting you away from whatever was making you successful might not be cool. You might not be equally yoked. Fatih is important to me. Can we pray together?”

Ok, Michelle now let’s talk about this wedding.

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