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Honey Pot Founder Discusses Target Ad Backlash on ‘Breakfast Club’

Honey Pot Founder Discusses Target Ad Backlash on ‘Breakfast Club’

After Honey Pot owner Beatrice Dixon appeared in a Target ad and said that the company’s success is directly connected to the success of other black and brown girls the company faced major backlash.

Many white viewers took it upon themselves to leave negative reviews on Trust Pilot deeming the ad as racist towards them.

When Beatrice started her dream in 2012 she had no idea what her natural feminine hygiene brand would become or the hate she would receive from such an innocent and empowering commercial.

Dixon is now opening up about the backlash on The Breakfast Club saying, “My reasoning for saying that is because of the disparities that are happening in the venture capital world.” She continued, “We get less than 1% of funding—we get 0.06% of funding. I’m one of only 50 black women that have raised more than a million dollars. Think about that. … If we are not selling businesses, we are not scaling businesses, black wealth can literally die. That’s the reason why we have to be successful.”

After the commercial aired the company’s ratings on Trust pilot went down to 2 stars. 

But when social media heard of the backlash the owner and her growing company was facing, black women swooped in like the super sheroes they are and the rating went up to 4.9 stars.

Not only that, the company has sold out of stock and the shelves in Target stores have been ravished. Black Girl Magic is in full effect.

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