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‘LHHATL’ Stars Kirk and Rasheeda Frost Deny Adoption and Teen Marriage Allegations

‘LHHATL’ Stars Kirk and Rasheeda Frost Deny Adoption and Teen Marriage Allegations

Social Media is ablaze with rumors that LHH Atlanta couple Kirk and Rasheeda Frost have a few more skeletons in their closet than they care to admit.

The couple who have a tumultuous relationship history, made it work and recently celebrated their 20th anniversary on the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop, sparking more rumors.

A Twitter user decided to take the 20-year timeline and accused Kirk of adopting Rasheeda when she was 15, having sex with a minor and ultimately marrying her when she was 17, and he was 30—comparing the situation defamed star R.Kelly.

When the innanets turned to Google to search Kirk and Rasheeda’s ages, it added fuel to the fire. They were listed as 37 and 51 respectively, so you do the math.

Rasheeda tried to squash the rumors in her comments and also responded to the user saying, “U ain’t told nobody sh*t with your bootleg conspiracy theory ass. Come w/ facts not assumptions if you gone try to blast somebody. Here’s some help I’ve never been adopted I didn’t know sh*t about Kirk when I was 15, and I wasn’t thinking bout getting married @ 17 so worry bout Dat Rona!

In a video response with Kirk, he makes it clear he never adopted Rasheeda and denies marrying a minor Rasheeda. In fact, he said he wasn’t into young women.

When it comes to addressing age, the couple says you can’t believe everything that’s on the internet.

“I’m not going to tell nobody’s age,” Kirk said. “But trust me, I’m not interested in marrying a f–king minor.”

Digging up old videos, another user said that’s not exactly true.

Watch the couple address the rumors below.

We can’t really say what’s what, but if the couple did reveal their “real” ages it could clear a lot of things in the air up, but it’s their relationship, and they know what’s real vs fake. They don’t owe us a thing, and they made that clear in the video as well.

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